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Why is everyone talking about arborist chips?

Arborist chips have long been a secret weapon of gardeners and homeowners.  Material produced by pruning or tree removal is processed through our industrial grade chipper and the result is a rich mix of branches, solid wood, and leaf material that is excellent for weed suppression in your flower beds or garden.  As the material breaks down and decomposes, vitamins and minerals are returned to the soil and the difference can be seen in the health of your trees and plants.  

How do I get arborist chips?

1) Sign up on and tree services in your area will see that you are wanting chips or firewood. 

2) Fill out the form below to be added to our list for upcoming drops. 


PLEASE NOTE:  We want you to be happy with your chips or firewood.  If you have specific requests (species, drop site requirements, size limits) please make that clear when filling out our form. 


Also know that: 

  •  Chips can contain a mix of wood and leaf material - these are not the fancy cedar chips you see on playgrounds and they are not "beauty bark."  They ARE fragrant, fresh, and great for your garden.

  • Delivery cannot be guaranteed for a specific date or time.  When your request is received, we will add you to our client list and you will be contacted 1-2 days prior to delivery to confirm that you still want your delivery.

  • Firewood will almost always be "green" or unseasoned wood and will be delivered in approximately 16" rounds.  You will need to split and season the wood prior to burning.

  • Drop site MUST be accessible to a large dump truck, including space to turn around and overhead clearance.

  • There is no charge for chip or firewood delivery, but our chip trucks only get 4-6 mpg and we often drive far to make these deliveries.  Donations are accepted to offset fuel expenses, and are completely optional.

Got it! You've been added to our delivery list.

Got it! Thanks.

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